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First in the World to Market New "Electronic Paper" Based eReader from iRex Technologies to the Aviation Industry

Annapolis, Maryland, USA, July 23, 2006—Long just a promise of future technology, the concept of "electronic paper" is becoming reality this year. Incorporated today announced it has signed a distribution agreement with iRex Technologies, B.V., a spin-off of Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands, to market the company's electronic paper based eReader system—the iRex Iliad ER 0100—to the aviation market.

Electronic paper is a non-glare white plastic screen that displays electronic documents just as if they were printed on traditional paper. A user can also "write" on the screen with a stylus just like regular paper. The handwriting can be captured electronically, stored and erased, and the screen can be used again and again.

The iRex iLiad has a high-resolution black and white display that closely matches the appearance of printed paper. The glare-free white surface incorporates iRex's high-brightness electrophoretic display technology which remains as clear and readable as paper under all conditions, including direct sunlight.

Under the marketing agreement, becomes the exclusive distributor for iRex's electronic paper based eReader system in the aviation market. ARINC's first product using the new technology is eFlyBook™, a self-powered portable flight document library intended for use by U.S. based general aviation pilots. It stores hundreds of FAA charts and essential documents in memory and displays them with high legibility on the electronic paper screen.

introduced eFlyBook this week to thousands of aircraft owners and pilots at the world's largest general aviation venue—AirVenture 2006, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. With its matte white screen closely resembling black and white printed paper, eFlyBook greatly exceeds the legibility of traditional laptop and tablet computer screens and other devices currently used in general aviation cockpits.

The standard configuration iLiad eReader can store more than 100MB of data and graphics in internal memory and can accommodate the use of SD, CF and USB memory cards and devices.

iRex Technologies BV is a spin-off company from Royal Philips Electronics, located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company's mission is to provide solutions for reading written digital content with the ease and comfort of print on paper, combined with the interactivity, flexibility and up-dating ability of digital information. iRex Technologies has a Business-to Business focus: supporting organizations in bringing their content (manuals, books, documents) to their members, customers and employees, wherever they are, whenever they want it. For more information, visit the iRex web site at

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