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Content Subscriptions and Operating System Updates

eFlyBook brings award-winning technology from directly to your fingertips.

Manage and update aeronautical content provided by  eFlyBook subscriptions will be provided annually and users will receive a CD on a routine basis that provides continuous updates consistent with the FAA revisions. Once you've received your CD, download the new data to a PC and simply copy it to the provided SD/MMC card for your device.  With eFlyBook, you'll always be up to date while never again having to spend countless hours updating paper documents.

eFlyBook is currently using the following software version of content subscriptions for the aeronautical content: Version 1.09b. 

The current cycle being utilized for the NACO chart subscriptions is valid for the following period: 05 JUL 2007 to 02 Aug 2007.

eFlyBook receives operating system updates from iRex.

Like many personal computers in use today, eFlyBook will receive routine enhancements to update the operating system's software. All updates will come from the original manufacturer, iRex Technologies, via a wired or wireless connection. Whether using a wired or wireless connection, eFlyBook users simply have to press a button and any available new releases will be downloaded automatically. The updates are easily installed to provide new features and characteristics for increased usage. 

eFlyBook is currently using the following software version for the operating system: Version 2.10.